Thank you for visiting my nature website

Hi my name is Michael and I am based just north of Norwich, Norfolk, UK. My interest in photography began when I was about 18. I used to develop and print my own monochrome films and had a brief go at developing and printing colour film stock.

Over the years I have owned many different models of camera including Olympus, and cameras from the Canon EOS series. With the advent of digital technology I first owned a Canon Powershot compact camera which I still possess, and then bought my first digital SLR - a Sony A100. Recently I traded this in for a Sony A700 with a Carl Zeiss 16-80mm lens. I have found that the first class sensor on the A700 requires the best quality lens that can be afforded, and the quality of the Sony A700 and the Carl Zeiss lens is hopefully evident in the more recent images taken from the last quarter of 2009 onwards.

I treated myself to a Nikon D600 full frame DSLR, with a kit 24-85mm Nikkor lens, in early January 2013. I wanted to appreciate the greater detail and range of options that this camera has to offer and it does not disappoint. So all pictures on this site from about mid-January 2013 onwards are with the D600.

I hope that your interest in nature and photographing it is enhanced after your visit.

Apologies for the lack of weather table info for the last part of 2014 - I was unwell!

Garden Aster