Nature Notes

Snowdrops and Snow Drops

In between heavy showers of granular snow, which was a strange mixture of hail and snow, I visited my local wood looking for snowdrops to photograph. This time last year I made a mental note of an area that contained many groups of them. At first I did not think that any were there, so good was the camouflage of snow, but on looking closely I soon spotted them faithfully proving how reliable nature is.

Snowdrops are scented and a variety of the daffodil family, and they may be native in certain parts of the SW of England, for instance in the Mendip Hills, but most evidence does suggest that they are an ancient introduction associated with pagan and Christian ritualistic sites. They are the symbol of Candlemas (Feb. 2nd) that commemorates the purification of the Virgin Mary. Not more than 5 minutes after photographing them the copse was deluged in a heavy shower of granular snow that produced almost whiteout conditions for a few minutes, completely obscuring my snowdrops and practically everything else!