Nature Notes

Crows Incorporated

Carrion Crows, members of the Corvid family, are now beginning to pair up and descend to tear twigs from shrubs and bushes for a nest situated in a tall tree, they always choose twigs that are full of sap rather than dead ones as this makes them easier to bend and weave into a strong nest that is resistant to strong winds. The Carrion Crow is 20 inches or 50cm. long, but there are another 7 members of the Crow family and the largest is the Raven at 26in. (65cm.) which is also the most uncommon of the group. The Jackdaw is the most common corvid either in flocks or on it's own. The handsome Jay has pinkish-brown plumage with a light blue patch on each wing. Members of the Crow family tend to be attracted to shiny things and will often steal rings and trinkets that they find.