Nature Notes

Two Red Legged Partridge and a Peacock

Two Partridges (Phaslanidae) visited my patch last Sunday and soon made themselves at home waddling about and eating moss, seeds and grass. Earlier this week I saw them again in the vicinity. There are two types of Partridge; the Red Legged and the Common version. My visitors were the former (Alectoris rufa rufa) and were very colourful with fat round heads, red bills, and faces that had a slightly humorous look to them. They were very timid and my presence a few metres away did not seem to worry them unduly. Also this week I spotted my second butterfly of the season: a Peacock that looked very bedraggled, but I managed to get a good picture of it in which you can see it's long uncoiled tongue searching for nectar in Bergenia flowers. I hope it found a sunny place to absorb some heat between feeds.

Peacock Butterfly