Nature Notes

Bergenias Flourish

These plants are very easy to grow and provide very good ground cover once established. They are commonly called Elephant Ears because of their large round leaves.
The sweet flavour of Spring has left a bitter aftertaste as my garden is assaulted by low temperatures, with blustery wind and rain. My Snakehead Fritillaries are coming up but seem afraid to go any further until soil temperatures rise a bit more. My Round Headed Houseleeks are the same and look so thin that I am wondering if they are going to be "blind", ( i.e. without flowers.) Many of my daffodils are like this now and I have the pathetic total of 6 "daffs" in flower. The only things thriving, in spite of being rather forlorn-looking a few weeks ago, are my Bergenias. They are natural in Siberia and so completely hardy in the U.K. Here is a nice shot of just a small part of the profusion of flowers they have produced this March and April