Nature Notes

Warmer Weather and Nature Catches Up

Now Spring has sprung the pace of growth and the greening of my garden both help to push the coldest winter for 30 years into the past for another 7 months or more. With the arrival of the warmer weather the birds have more choice of food from the increasing number of insects and grubs that become available to them for food; both for themselves and also for their hungry chicks. One hopes that the timing of their breeding season fits in with the maximum amount of available food, given that late Spring has delayed the usual pattern of things in the natural world.

My 2 robins are still "an item' and continue to be seen together in the garden which means they are almost certainly a breeding pair; normally they would not tolerate being in close proximity with one another. Here is a picture that has been seen so many times before, that it is a bit of a cliche. But it is the first time I have managed it and therefore I feel justifiably pleased to have photographed one of my garden robins, with the bonus of it having a grub to feed it's mate or maybe a youngster.

Robin with Food