Nature Notes

1.5-million Fungi

It is estimated that there are about 1.5-million species' of fungi in the world, and only about 5% of them have been identified. Flowering plants in comparison consist of 250,000 species', so for every flowering plant there are 6 species' of fungi.

Earlier this week I trudged into my local wood hoping to find the classic red-capped fairy-tale toadstool known as Fly Agaric. This species prefers acid-soil and grows in areas where birch and spruce trees also grow. I did not see one and so assumed that the conditions in my wood are not suitable for it. But I will return as they can grow anytime between summer and early winter. I did see some Glistening Ink-Caps (Coprinous micaceus) which thrive on old tree stumps. This fungi can produce many fruitings in a season and is pictured below.
Glistening Ink-Caps