Nature Notes

The Chaffinch

I have noticed that there is a distinct lack of bird images on my site, compared to non-avian ones. So in an attempt to remedy that I am going to put 3 new images of garden birds in the Newest Photos section. The first one pictured below is of a male chaffinch. (Fringilla coelebs gengleri.) This is one of our most popular and cheery garden birds that lives near human habitations, although not so much in the heart of cities like the declining sparrow does. The female produces a very neat nest of lichen, wool moss and feathers, all very tidily felted together. In April and May she will produce 4 to 6 grey eggs tinged with pink with brown blotches. The notes of the bird are a very distinctive and questioning "weet"- also a "pink". The song is a rollicking cadence that finishes with a flourish. The picture below was taken my garden in fairly poor light using a 300mm lens and a X1.4 tele-converter.

 Male Chaffinch