Nature Notes


The autumn is now in charge and Nature has it's orders to produce the sounds and signs of this season. Deciduous trees, sensing the reducing about of daylight, can no longer produce significant amounts of energy by photosynthesis and so have no need of them. But before they fall their green colour fades and the other colours of brown and gold, that have been previously masked by the greens, begin to show through.

Birdsong is conspicuously absent or much reduced in this season, but the raucous cry of crows is now more noticeable and some birds such as the blackbird will often sing very quietly to themselves in a tree or bush, particularly if a crop of berries are nearby. The robin's song is usually more noticeable as the other birds' songs quieten down.

At this time of the year the low slanting sunlight provides a nice light for photography, particularly if it is of a hazy nature rather than very intense. The picture below is of an Agapanthus in my garden that produces many tall blooms in the summer every year, and come the autumn it's strap-like leaves change from green through to intense yellow over a very short time.