Nature Notes

A Look Back to a Warmer Season

With so little colour in the garden and most of the autumnal coloured leaves now blown off the trees with the recent strong winds, it is a look back to the summer of 2009, when I took a walk next to the river Bure in Norfolk that is the subject of this week's article. The Bure is a very peaceful river that meanders along in a very relaxed way and passes through some of the best countryside that the county has to offer. The Bure Valley steam-railway (that runs from Aylsham to Wroxham) is a very good way of exploring the area on foot, and I alighted at Buxton station, which is like an immaculately kept and pretty garden, to walk across the fields for a mile or so to find these horses grazing on land just a few yards from the river. The atmosphere was very peaceful, and the only sounds were the wind in the trees, the liquid trilling of the river, and the toot toot of a distant steam train as it warned of it's approach to a level crossing somewhere on it's 9 mile journey.

Down by the River