Nature Notes

Spring Has Arrived!...

i recently placed a bird nesting box near my bedroom window; the hope being that any passing birds would consider making a home in the box to raise some youngsters. It soon became apparent that two Blue Tits were showing a positive interest in the box, and so I set my camera up so that it was discreetly placed behind a partially open window. My patience was soon rewarded when the dainty little birds made numerous exploratory visits around, and in, the nest-box. Although there was no sign of nest building material being brought in at this stage, it was only a matter of time before serious moves would be made to start a family; then moss, grass, and feathers etc would be brought in to line the nest. In the meantime I was happy to patiently take photos of both of them as they made regular visits to the site of the box in order to assess the possibility of setting up a temporary home there.

Blue Tit