Weather Notes

A Mainly Overcast and Cold Start to February

Oh dear, as I write this a light fall of snow is occurring and the temp is 0.4 C. at 10 am

But back to the first week of this month which was generally overcast and cold with rainy periods; only Mon.1st. having unbroken sunshine all day, however this was also the coldest day of the week with an average temp. for the 24 hour period of 1.0 C. and a maximum of 3.6 C. To be fair, nature did try to brighten us up with a couple of days of hazy sunshine, especially after some dense fog on the 6th. had cleared and the temp. rose to 7.4 C. but this did not really make up for the unsettled trend and the 5mm. of rain that I measured on the 2nd. It rained on 4 of the 7 days and a total of 9mm. was recorded by my garden rain-gauge. The forecast is for snow showers in Eastern Counties this week as the cold easterly airflow regains it's grip on the UK.