Weather Notes

A Very Cold Week With Wintry showers

The second week of February was less dull and overcast compared to the first week. It also seemed to feel more wintry, not just because it was very cold but also due to the fact that 4 of the days had either sleet or light snow and Wednesday saw a band of particularly active snow showers pass over Norwich. The snow was in the form of small round granules, and as the showers approached the wind increased and a mini-blizzard was produced leaving very dangerous conditions on footpaths and roads. Compared to the first week it was sunnier and less overcast, which of course meant that the temperatures were lower without the insulating layer of cloud. So to summarise: it was a cold but reasonably sunny week compared to week 1 but still with below average temperatures and some wintry showers particularly on Wednesday. Here is a summary of week 2 for February. All temperatures are in degrees C.

  • Highest Temp. by Day: 9th +4.5
  • Lowest Temp. by Night: 14th -2.2
  • Warmest 24 Hour Period: Tuesday 9th: +2.6 (Average)
  • Coldest 24 Hour Period: Thursday 11th: -0.2 (Average)
  • Total Rainfall (to include melted snow) for the Week: 5.4mm.