Weather Notes

A Sunny and dry April Overall

April was a very dry and quite sunny month overall here in Norfolk. The 30-year average for rainfall in this part of Norfolk is 47mm., but only 13mm. fell during the whole month which is about 72% lower than the average. The average overall temperature for the period was 10.2 C. which is 2 C. above the 30-year average for April. A very cold night occurred on the 21st with a minimum temperature of 0.3 C. being recorded and a comfortable 20.8 C. was experienced on the 28th making it feel unseasonably summery for late April on this day.

Back in 2003, on the 16th April, a temperature of 26.3 C. made it feel more like August than April, and later on when it really was August many temperature records were shattered when a maximum of 32.8 C. was recorded on the 10th, by my weather station. However, in Brogdale near Faversham in Kent, the highest temperature ever recorded in the UK, (38.5 C.) was recorded on the same day in August that year. Much too hot for me! For a summary of weather from February to April, and the year so far, please click here.