Weather Notes

A Very Dry Month

The month of May was very dry here in the part of Norfolk where I live. There were 16 consecutive days of rain when my garden grass was beginning to look like a parrot's cage, an apt description considering how many wood-pigeons relieve themselves on it whenever it suits them! So the May only had about 50% of the 30-year average rainfall for the month in this area, with the wettest day being 6.3mm on the 8th. The mean temperature by day was normal at 15.6 C. and the night-time one was 7.3 C., which is only 0.7 C. above normal. A hot day occurred on Sunday, 22nd. when, with continuous sunshine all day, the grass was punished even more with a maximum temp. of 27.0 C. The night of the 13th. was the coldest at 1.2 C. So to sum up - May was a very dry month with some cold nights and warm days, but the mean maximum daytime temperature was normal. For a summary of weather from February to May, and the year so far, please click here.