Weather Notes

Flaming June? - well it was on the 27th.

June was very dry with amounts of rain being only 65% of what would be expected for the 30-year average. The hottest day of the month was the 27th. with nearly 29 deg. C. being the top temperature. The coldest daytime temperature was 14.1 deg. C. on the 12th. The month was also very sunny with a total of 11 days with continuous daily sunshine. The last 2 days of the period produced some warm sticky nights when on the 27th. the temperature did not fall below 17.6 deg. C. (much too warm for me for a good night's sleep). Most of the total monthly rainfall of 36.9mm. fell during the 6th.- 8th. when 30mm. fell and half of that was during heavy thundery downpours on the 6th. So a dry month with slightly above average day and night temperatures and lots of warm, sometimes hot, sunny weather