Weather Notes

July was Dry and Very Warm

July was very warm and dry, particularly the first 11 days when rain was totally absent. The same period experienced a hot day on the 9th of 30.6C., and an average daytime temperature of 26.6C. The heatwave subsided with a celebratory 10mm of rain on the 12th of the month, giving my garden and waterbutts a much needed topping up. On the 18th another very warm spell lasted for 4 days with a maximum temperature of 28.3C on the 19th. After that temperatures gradually dropped to more 'sleepable' levels at night and bearable ones during the day; for instance the minimum on the night of the 24th was 8.9C. Although the number of days when it rained were not too far from the average for July, the amounts of rain were quite small and consequently only 53% of the monthly norm was achieved. Average day and night temperatures were 3 degrees and 4 degrees higher respectively from a 30-year average.