Weather Notes

October had Lower Than Average Temperatures

The star performer of the month was the 10th. It was a warm sunny day and stands out in an October that had lower daytime temperatures, on average, than normal. (Normal = 14.5C, recorded = 13.9C.) The daytime temperatures began to fall from the 12th onwards and by the 20th only managed to reach 7.0 during that cold day. On the 21st the coldest night saw temperatures fall to just above freezing at 1.3C. Most of the monthly total rainfall of 59mm occurred during the first week (19mm), but a very wet day on the 20th also contributed 13mm to the total. In spite of this the rainfall total for the month was slightly less than the monthly average of 63.8mm. The most settled week was the second one when some nice warm bright autumn weather occurred, but this period ended with cooler weather spreading in which set the tone for the rest of the month.