Weather Notes

Minus 11.4C on the Night of the 18th

The first 3 weeks of December were exceptionally cold with some snow showers. The coldest night of the period was on the 18th. when the temperature went down to -11.4C. and the temperature did not rise above -2.8 on the 20th. All this very cold weather meant that the average temperature for the month was a chilly 0.6C., which was 4.4 degrees lower than normal value for December in this area. There were 22 days when the night-time temperatures failed to be higher than zero, and 5 days when daytime maximum temperatures were below zero. Severe air and ground frosts together with freezing fog made December a very photogenic and memorable month. On the 21st. both night and day temperatures became slightly higher but were still below normal. The last 3 days of the month were very foggy but saw near normal values return with a balmy 6.0C daytime maximum on the 29th and 30th.