Weather Notes

April Was very Dry and Sunny

April was more like summer than spring. The first 11 days of the month produced only 3 days of rain, followed by 19 completely dry days. The average rainfall for this area of Norfolk in April is 47mm., meaning that rainfall amounts were only 6% of normal for the month. The month was also exceptionally sunny and warm with the 23rd being hot at a maximum of 28.6 deg C in my garden on the 23rd - this is 16 degrees above the average for the month. At the other extreme the night of the 10th was very cold with the temperature going down to 0.3C. The average overall temperature for the month was 13.5C, which is 5.5C above a 30-year average. The final days of April saw a strong chilly easterly wind become established which pegged the temperatures somewhat, but levels were still slightly above normal, especially at night.