Weather Notes

A Very Wet June With Rainfall 30% Above Normal

After a very dry May with only 17mm of rain, (less than half of the average for the month), June 2011 was very wet with 73mm of rain falling, which is 17mm or 30% above normal. From the 15th to the end of the month inclusive only 3 of the 15 days were dry. Half of the month's total rain fell during the 3rd week with the 23rd being the wettest day of the year so far with 13.2mm. Sunshine amounts were above average and the average maximum temperature was 4 degrees C. above normal but the average minimum was only 1.3 degrees C. more than normal. The highest temperature during the month was on the 27th when I recorded a value of 32.5 degrees C. in my garden. Temperatures then slowly came down during the remainder of the month, and heavy thundery showers occurred as low pressure became the dominant influence on the weather.