Weather Notes

August Was Very Wet

The month of August was very wet with 18 of it's days seeing rain of varying amounts. The wettest period was that of the 23rd - 28th with 49.2mm of rain occurring; of which 25.2mm fell on the 26th. On the 3rd a period of heavy thundery rain added another 16.5mm in one hour. So the total rainfall for the period was 120.6mm which is more than twice the 30-year average for August. Average temperatures were, broadly speaking, in line with what would normally be expected, being only a degree or so above normal for day and nightime periods. A hot day occurred on the 3rd with a maximum temperature of 32.5C. with a cool night on the 18th of 7.4C. to balance things up a bit. But the the 1st week of the month was the warmest overall, however 39.3mm of rain also fell to give a taste of what was to follow over the rest of the month!