Weather Notes

An Unusually Hot End to September

The most noticeable aspect of September's weather, as recorded in my garden, was the unusually high daytime temperatures during the last part of the month. For instance, on the 29th of the month I recorded a maximum daytime temperature of 28.8C., and on the following day the low autumn sun managed to heat the air to a value of 29.2C. by 14:30 in a sky completely free of clouds The influence of a "blocking" high pressure area spreading westwards from Europe caused the usual weather systems to track north and then east to affect Scotland and then Scandinavia. During the last 4 days of the period warm air from Spain and Portugal was sucked up over England to produce one of the sunniest and warmest ends to September for many years. The average daytime temperature here for September was 23.4C., which is 5C more than normal, but there were some cool dewy nights also, so sleeping was not too much of a problem; and the average night-time values were only 1.7C above normal anyway. Most of September's rain fell during the first 12 days, and the month's total of 62.1mm was only slightly higher than the normal value of 59.1mm for this area of the U.K., although 23.4mm of rain fell during one day on the 6th of the month.