Weather Notes

A Very Mild October

October was a very mild and generally sunny month. Much of the first week was more like summer than early autumn with 29.8 C. being recorded on the 2nd., and on the 3rd. the night-time temperature did not go lower than 17.9 C. Gradually day and night temperatures began to fall until the night of the the 18th. saw a very chilly 0.7 C and a slight frost. Week 3 saw temperatures rising above normal again with 18.5 C. recorded on the 23rd. The average temperature for the month was 17.7 C which was 3.2 C above normal and the minimum temperature was 9.5 C. or 2.5 C. above normal. The second week of the month was the wettest, but the month as a whole produced 25% less rain than usual with only 47.1mm recorded. The very mild conditions continued till the end of the month with some pleasant spells of warm sunshine.