Weather Notes

The Second Warmest Autumn on Reord

The first week of November was very dull with mainly overcast skies and frequent spells of rain Day and night temperatures were several degrees warmer than usual with 17.6C recorded on the 3rd of the month; this was 8 degrees warmer than the average temperature for November. Week 2 was also very mild but rainless, and the first autumn frost occurred on the 12th. During weeks 3 and 4 the night-time temperatures began to fall but the daytime ones remained above average. The very dry aspect to the month as a whole meant that the period had only 36% of the usual rainfall and indeed less than the usual amount for any month of the year, and with November usually being the wettest month of the year this was very unusual. Mean maximum temperatures were 3 degrees above normal and mean minimum temperatures 2 degrees above normal. November was the second driest and warmest one since records began.