Weather Notes

March Was very Dry and Warm

Apart from it's first week, when 31.5mm of rain fell, March was a very dry month, with only 72% of the normal rainfall of 50.2mm for the month occurring. Hosepipe bans were imposed on several areas in eastern England as a result of the driest period in the region for nearly 100 years. The last 13 days of the month were virtually cloud-free, and warm or very warm days were experienced, particularly on the 26th - 30th when the average temperature for those 5 days was 20.5C., this was 11C. above normal, and the mean maximum for the month as a whole was 14.5C. which was 5C above normal. On the 28th a very summery day occurred with a temperature of 23.9C. Average monthly minimum night time temperatures were normal at 2.9C.