Weather Notes

The Summer of 2013 was the Warmest Since 2004

August 2013 was the warmest since 2004. It was also the driest and sunniest since 2007.
The highest temperature that I recorded from my weather station was on the 1st of the month at 30.1C. The wettest day was on the 5th., at 10.5mm, and the coldest night-time temperature was on the 7th. at 9.4C.

Total rainfall for the month was 33mm, which is 50% less than normal for the period 1981-2010. The average maximum temperature for the month was 1C. above average at 22.9C. and the average night-time temperature was 2.5C. above normal at 14.2C. It rained on 11 days of the month which is only just below the average of 12.6 for my area.

The month was very sunny especially during most of July and early August. East Anglia as a whole had 119% more sunshine than normal, and was the sunniest area in the UK for the month.